Evangelizing at Your County Fair

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Use our two question test to evangelize at your
county fair or at another public gathering

Okay so this is not exactly a Bible study. However we have found that this is an exciting way to share the Gospel. People who would never respond to an evangelist approaching them on a college campus, willingly initiate conversations at their county fair. We have had over 400 meaningful conversations at one county fair.

Picture of our booth

This particular trailer was loaned to us in 2009 by
the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship

  • Some have a seed planted
  • Many make a commitment to read the Gospel of John
  • Some hearing the gospel become believers
Witnessing at fair
Answering questions

To learn how it works; take
an online version of the test

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Tent for vender

What is involved in evangelizing at the county fair?

  1. Download our Two question test in a 4.25 x 5.5 inch booklet
  2. The instruction manual will show how to use the test
  3. Practice for the county fair by giving and taking the test a few times and reviewing the Where Will You Spend Eternity? test online.
  4. Rent a 10 x10 ft. space at the fair, festival or other public gathering
  5. Make, buy or rent a booth: You can use a trailer, Wells Cargo has made a custom trailer for using the 2 question test at the county fair. Ask for one with a built in counter at the back, and a removable tongue so that the trailer fits into a 10 ft. space. Or if you are on a budget, you can use a canopy with a desk and some chairs. These are available on the internet or ebay.
  6. Pitch your tent and go make disciples!
Sharing the Gospel

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